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Enki Andrews

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Tell us a little about what you do

I’m a Interactive Multimedia Artist experimenting with physical phenomena to discover how humanity views itself in light of our finite human perceptions and how expanding those reflections enhances our self awareness.

My art is most often inspired by Complex Systems: Bio-tech interactions, Bio-bio interactions and mixed media.

I try to encourage people to think about the world we are entering and how to make it a more empathetic place. The tools I use are photography, video, sensors, computers and electrons to enhance the flavor.

Often I find beauty in the confluence of the intended and the accidental. Consequently much of my art is based on trying to make the most of a serendipitous accident and learning from it.

Currently I’m collaborating with Nejla Yatkin on “Dancing Around the World” a dance project that involves making 20 micro documentaries (3-5 minutes) about site specific contemporary dance performances in 20 countries. I film and edit the movies. Nejla and I are also collaborating on a solo contemporary dance piece (What Dreams May Come) that involves real time 3D video projection mapping, in which I handle and generate the interactive video art using Cycling74’s Max/MSP.

You can check out my work here: http://www.syncord.com/

I’m mostly interested in altering and alerting perception and behavior via other channels of perception. These include other ways to hear dance, see sound, and using the mass behavior of an audience as unintended feedback into a performance. When we are done with our Dancing Around the World project I’ll be focusing on making a feature film of the last year, finishing a photography project and creating an emergent systems from internet sourced data streams, which will require some hardware sensors.

Here is what I’m paying attention to recently - this can all change in a heartbeat. http://www.maxuino.org/ http://p5js.org/ http://vuo.org/ Mostly these things. http://www.creativeapplications.net/tools/

3D printing - I’m curious what is happening with precision and cnc of metal and non-plastic designs. http://3dprinting.com/metal/

Also I’d like to learn more about modeling complex systems in gaming engines.

Which hardware (or software, product, platform) are you excited about the potential of, and why?

Which blogs or zines do you peruse right now?

Any other thoughts?

Emergent systems keep attracting me. What does a Lorentz attractor sound like? Flocking behavior as a geometric structure. I need to laser scan a dance movement someday. Also robots.. I want to make one that balances in two feet using a learning algorithm..I have much to learn.